Scientific Range (Approval Required)

Products for sale in this category require approval prior to purchase. Please make contact via the Contact Us link prior to attempting purchase from this category.

Any orders placed without approval, will not be processed or shipped.

If you have specific or custom requirements, please contact us after you have received approval, and we will discuss this with you.

This category is intended to provide the scientific community a direct link to RSA Labs' Research department.


It is a strict condition of this agreement, and a condition always upon the purchase of any RSA Labs branded product, that they are to be used solely for the purposes of scientific research. This does include laboratory usage, and research-based chemical analysis (e.g., NMR, HPLC, etc.). RSA Labs branded products are exclusively intended for the purposes of scientific research use, and are not approved for human consumption, nor in-vivo or in-vitro use. RSA Labs products are sold under the terms of chemical supply only, and no exemption is made for any use outside of the terms of scientific research. Where any RSA Labs product has been compounded, encapsulated, or otherwise packaged in any manner, this has been completed solely for the purposes of specific scientific research, which includes, but is not limited to, the requirement to have available for use in a scientific research setting, a specific pre-measured quantity of a label-indicated chemical compound, at the label-indicated mass (defined as chemical quantity "units"), and packaged in a form suitable for the required research environment / setting. Some compounding processes may include other label-listed chemical compounds, which have been included as part of the requirements for the preparation of the specific labelled compounded form / type, applying to the label-indicated chemical. RSA Labs products are strictly not for resale.