About Us

We exist because until we did, no reputable and affordable domestic source existed for the the fast-moving, advanced needs of modern scientific research.

Although we hold a specialised catalog of products, rest assured we do utilise the services of some of our (much) more expensive greats for the purposes of obtaining certified and completely independent reference materials, for our domestic and equally independent testing.

We aim to always provide a product of ACS purity, greater than 99% where practical - and to offer these materials at a price fair to the value representing input cost, not the market.

We bring to market our expertise in sourcing and compounding some of the very highest quality research materials in the world, and apply these skills, care and time into providing products for your research needs.

Note that product tailoring and custom compounding, including of some less popular products outside of the advertised catalog, is a service which we, in conjunction with RSA Labs, can sometimes offer to Approved Scientific Account holders only.

To apply submit a request to receive the Scientific Account Holder Authorisation Request documentation, please use the Contact Us link on the page. A representative from the correct department will contact you for further information.

Thank you for dropping by, and for spending a your precious time reading a little bit about us.